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To speak well and with confidence is a life-long attribute.

Professionally, your ability to articulate your ideas and communicate your message may be the key to your cherished promotion or a key business opportunity.  Whether it be talking to colleagues and employees, delivering report findings in the company board room or advising shareholders of a vital business opportunity, your ability to speak without fear or favour will not only help you shine above the rest, but will also bring you the satisfaction of realising your vision.

After all, you may have the knowledge, the diplomas, the degrees, the titles after your name, but if you can’t communicate your message, you may waste your potential and your ideas.

And it’s not only at work, that a commanding voice gains the attention it deserves. On a personal note, how many of us have been called upon to make that heart-warming or humorous speech at a family gathering, a birthday or a wedding, or sadly, that memorable eulogy for a loved one.

So don’t remain silent when you have a contribution to make. Develop your voice, control the nerves and master that hushed or husky sign of constraint. It’s a worthwhile investment. 



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